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Razor wire/ Concertina Barbed Tape

Razor wire is globally used in perimeter security fencing to prevent trespassing in high security areas. It is a concentric type of fencing.Installed either on ground or top of walls.

Most commonly installed for fencing prisons and high risk areas like nuclear plants and country borders.

Razor wire is a more effective barrier as compared to the conventional barbed wire.

  • Razor wire consists of steel strip reinforced with high tensile spring wire to make the fence difficult to cut through. More over the flange of steel strip on either sides of the core wire makes it further difficult to cut through.
  • Razor sharp blades/ barbs are more lethal than the conventional type of barbed wire.
  • The concertina configuration makes it necessary to cut the coils from multiple locations before trespassing in possible.

Raw Materials-steel strips

Thickness range 0.40mm to 0.60mm    
Galvanized (zinc coating) 90gsm/m2 180gms/m2 275gms/m2
Galvalume/ aluzinc(5%alu+95%zn) 75gms/m2 120gms/m2 150gms/m2
Stainless steel SS430 SS304/304L SS 316/316L

Raw Material- Core Wire

Diameter Range 2.50mm to 3.00mm
Tensile range 135-155kgs/mm2
Galvanized (zinc coating) 40gms/m2 250gms/m2
Stainless steel SS 204 C SS 304/304 l SS316/316 l

Raw Material- concertina clips

Thickness 1.40mm minimum
Type of steel high tensile
Galvanized (zinc coating) min 200gms/m2
Stainless steel SS304 SS316 SS430

Typical length covered by our coils after installation

Diameter Range Length in Meters Distance between loops
250mm-450mm Approx.5 meters 180cm
600mm-730mm Approx.8-10meters 300cm
750mm-1250mm Approx.12-15meters 430cm