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Telescopic steel props

Telescopic Steel Props can be used on all types of building construction or for any type of use wher an adjustable vertical load bearing member is required. They are most ideal and economical supporting device for all kinds of formwork to slabs, Beams, Walls and Columns.

a more effective barrier as compared to the conventional barbed wire.


  • Outer member made of 50NB(60.3mm OD) Medium class Pipe,
  • Inner member made of 40NB(48.3mm OD) Medium class Pipe,
  • Top and Bottom Plate are made of 150x150x6mm M.S Plate,
  • Heavy Duty Malleable Cast-Iron Prop Nut gives fine adjustment for leveling,
  • 'G'Pin made of 'high-Tensile' Steel provided for coarse adjustment.

Additional Features:

  • Our Roll-Threaded Props ensure no loss of material by which life and load bearing capacity of the prop is effectively enhanced.
  • As per customer's needs, Props are available with various heads like Beam Head, 'U' Head, Angle Head. Regular Flat Head and lift-Up Head.
  • We also make available 'Dip Painted' Props using Synthetic Enamel Paints.

Safety Instructions:

  • Props should always be plumb and loaded concentrically.
  • Safe working Loads allow 1.5° out of plumb loaded concentrically
  • Props must be braced in both directions by tubes and Double couplers when extended beyond 3.75 Mtrs.
  • Lacing to be done at 1/3" the height of the extended inner section and to be in both direction.
  • While Double staging, lower Prop shall be braced at two levels whereas upper Prop, at one level. All these three bracings have to be In both directions.

Adjustable Beam Spans

Adjustable Beam Spans are widely used as self supporting runners in the shuttering system under the Floorform Panels/Shuttering plates.


  • Main body of the Outer 8 Inner members are made up of 14/12 Gauge M.S. Sheet.
  • Bottom of the Outer member is made up of 50x6 mm M.S. Plate.
  • Bottom of the Inner member Is produced using 40 x 40 x 6 mm "1- Angle.
  • Lattice is made of 10mm dia. M.S Round Bar.
  • Bearing angle are of 75x75x8 mm size.

Floorform Panels and Adjusters

Floorform Panels are used as shuttering for slab casting. Floorform adjusters fill up odd shapes of slabs eliminating cutting and wastage of Umber altogether.

Floorform panels are made of 14112 Gauge M.S. Sheets with double bent edges of 38mm height welded at all comers with proper slots and nail holes at the edges. In order that the flange stays as a one piece product and maintains its strength, it is pressed bent from the same M.S. Sheet.

Floorform Adjusters are normally 400mm and 250mm wide and 900mm and 1150mm long. Details of Standard Sizes of Floorform Panels available and their respective allowable slab thickness are given in the table below. Customised sizes can also be made available as per client's requirements.

Cuplock Scaffolding System

Cuplock is proven multipurpose scaffolding system which can be used in structures for building and construction industries. It is the most versatile and optimized system of Scaffolding.

Cuplock System Componets:

1) CuplockVerticals /Standards :

Cuplock Verticals are the principal load bearing members comprising of Sets of Top and Bottom Cups. The Bottom Cups are welded in position at 500/1000 mm distance. The Top Cups are movable and retained by a fix stop. The Verticals are made of 40NB Medium/Heavy class pipes and are drilled for the fixing of Spigot Joints at both the ends.

2) Cuplock Ledgers / Horizontals :

Ledgers/Horizontals are made of 40 NB Light / Medium class pipes with forged Ledger blades welded at both the ends. The simple robust design ensures that Ledgers / Horizontals need no maintenance. Length of the Ledgers / Horizontal is calculated between Centre to Centre of such two Verticals.

3) Cuplock Beam Brackets :

Beam Brackets are used to support internal down-stand beam. The use of Beam Brackets with Jacks accepting beam spanning from one bracket to another can avoid the need of ground based support, thus saving all the other components that would normally be needed below the drop beam. It has safe working load of 1500 Kgs.

4) Cuplock Cantilever frames and Hop-up Brackets :

Cantilever frames are used for supporting decking or formwork at the edge of the slabs. The frames have blade ends for locating the cup joints and can accept Jacks. Such frames can have projection up to 1.5M Hop-up Brackets are smaller version of Cantilever frames. They are generally used for awkward areas beyond the main scaffolding where scaffolds cannot be located directly adjacent to the work face.

Telescopic Steel Props

Lenth of members
Sizes Outer in Mtrs. Inner in Mtrs.
PSP-1 1.00 1.00
PSP-2 1.50 1.50
PSP-3 1.50 1.50
PSP-4 2.00 2.00
PSP-4+ 2.00 2.00
PSP-5 2.00 2.00
PSP-5+ 2.50 2.50
PSP-6 2.50 2.50
PSP-6+ 3.00 3.00

Note: Weights indicated above are subject to tolerance of +/- 3.0 %.

Height Adjustment
Sizes Outer in Mtrs. Inner in Mtrs.
1.10 1.75 10.40
1.50 2.75 14.20
2.00 3.25 15.80
2.00 3.75 18.00
2.50 4.25 19.60
3.00 4.65 21.25
2.50 4.65 21.80
3.00 5.10 23.40
3.00 5.60 25.60

Adjustable Beam Span

Sizes Min. Max. Self Weight in Kg.
ESO + ESI 1750 2600 26.00
SO + SI 2400 4100 39.00
SO + LI 3050 4650 46.00
LO + LI 3150 5200 52.00
2.0 x 2.0 2010 3250 35.50
2.0 x 2.5 2510 3850 40.00
2.5 x 2.5 2510 4250 44.00

Note: Weights indicated above are subject to tolerance of +/- 3.0 %.

Floorform panels and Adjusters

Floorform Panel size in mm Self Weight in Kg span^ in mm Thickness^ in mm
1150 x 600 16.65 1150 300
900 x 600 12.95 900 400
900 x 600 12.95 600 600

Note: Weights indicated above are subject to tolerance of +3/-3.0 %.

Span^: C/c unsuported distance between the two horizontal runners on which the plat lies.

Thickness^: Maximum allowable slab thickness of the slab to be cast.

Load Carrying Capacity of Cuploack Verticals

Braching Permissibl Load in Tonns(Y st 210 N/mm2
'Medium' Class 'Heavy' Class
500 4.66 6.32
1000 4.12 5.57
1500 3.54 4.74
2000 2.67 3.50

Note: The above Values are indicatives and not accurate. We request you to re-confirm these loads before finalizing your cuplock staging design.

Sizes of Cuplock Verticals / Standards

Size in mm No. of Cups @ 500/1000mm Self - Weight in Kg./Nos.
3000 6/3 13.65
2500 5/3 11.20
2000 4/2 9.15
1500 3/2 6.85
1000 2/1 4.60
500 1/1 2.35

Note: Weights indicated above are subject to tolerance of +/- 3.0 %.

Sizes of Cuplock Ledgers / Horizontals

Size in mm Lenth in mm Self - Weight in Kg./Nos.
2400 C/c 2352 7.20
2000 C/c 1952 6.10
1800 C/c 1752 5.50
1500 C/c 1452 4.65
1200 C/c 1152 3.70
1000 C/c 952 3.15

Note: Weights indicated above are subject to tolerance of +/- 3.0 %.

Sizes of 'H' Frames

Sr.No Size(HxW)in mm. Self - Weight in Kg./Nos.
1 2000x1000 21.40
2 2000x1250 23.00
3 2000x2000 28.00
4 2400x1000 28.60^
5 2400x1250 30.35^

^= Weight for 'H' frames with ladder.(Ladder made of 25NB pipe=4.6kg/Nos).Frames are made of 40NB Meidum class pipes.

Note: Weights indicated above are subject to tolerance of +/- 3.0 %.

Sizes of Cross Braces

Sr.No Size(AxB)in mm. Spacing in mm Lenth(L) in mm Pipe Dia Self Wt.in Kgs.
1 2500x1500 2500 2950 25NB
2 2000x1500 2000 2550 25NB
3 1250x1500 1250 2000 25NB

Note: Weights indicated above are subject to tolerance of +/- 3.0 %.