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Weld mesh System

Weld-mesh is a fence barrier made out of steel wire. It is essentially a grid like shapes (made of rectangles or squares) with the wires running horizontally and vertically welded at each intersection. It is usually in form of panels – fixed or bolted to steel post to form a continuous fencing barrier.


It is widely used as a more secure fencing barrier than chain link fencing. Weld-mesh panels can be used in wide range of applications in regard to perimeter fencing. From low security needs of domestic fencing to high security needs of borders, prisons, oil and gas installation, etc., weld – mesh panels can be tailored to fit in.

AAHIL FENCE PRODUCTS COMPANY PVT. LTD. is suitably equipped to customize weld – mesh panels to meet variety of customer requirements –

a. For low security areas like schools, garden, weldmesh panels with wide openings can be supplied. These would be made out of 4mm or 5mm wire diameter. For lateral rigidity V-pressing is made on the panels. It also adds to the visual aesthetics. For more attractive solutions the panels can have their top end in variety of curves.

b. For higher security areas like border security and prison perimeter, a type of weld mesh panels popularly known as ‘anti-climb’ system is available. The mesh size in this kind of fence can be as small as 12.5mm×75mm. this small mesh size does not allow an intruder to climb the fence barrier or to put any tools trough the mesh which would allow it to cut the mesh. This kind of fence is available along with posts and fittings. The posts and fittings are an important component since high security fence should be backed up by fence fittings which are difficult to open.

Salient Features Of Weld Mesh System